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The Ultimate Guide to Divorce and Custody in Virginia: Quickly Get Back to Fully Living Your Life

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The Ultimate Guide to Divorce and Custody in Virginia: Quickly Get Back to Fully Living Your Life

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Divorce Planning: The 7 Essential Steps

Free Consumer Guide:

Divorce Planning: The 7 Essential Steps

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Family Law Issue in Richmond or Williamsburg, Virginia? We can help.


You have come to the right place, welcome.    For many of our clients this is their first time in a law office, and so, our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  We also want to empower you with information.  Please download attorney Van Smith’s book on Divorce & Custody in Virginia, and then call us to schedule your SMARTSTART comprehensive case preparation meeting.  More than a consultation—we’ll develop, together, a plan of action for your divorce or custody matter.  

There are no two identical divorce and custody cases.  Every family is unique in their own way, and facing a unique set of circumstances and challenges.  For some, these circumstances may seem insurmountable; for others, they look at the issue and wonder whether they even need an attorney to accomplish their seemingly simple goals.  A word of caution--we have found that most "simple" family law cases are much more complex than at first glance, and even the most seemingly complicated cases can be resolved with focus, time and preparation leading to a skillful, negotiated agreement.


Every Client Has Unique Concerns

New clients call us with different concerns, each urgent in their own way.  While we tailor our legal solutions to meet the particular needs of each client, we can address some questions that we frequently hear from clients first beginning the divorce and custody process. Read through our Frequently Asked Questions to begin.

In divorce transitions, the anxiety around property division is paramount--whether the issue arises from how and when to sell a residence, the percentage of division of retirement accounts, or how to quantify the division of a privately held business.  

For custody concerns, the worry that comes with allocating visitation and where the child will actually reside each overnight keeps our clients up at night. They ask themselves, "Will I have enough time with my children?,"  "How will their future be different?," "Can I trust the other parent to manage this schedule effectively?" Protection of children during and after a transition in visitation is always a top priority for us here at the firm.  As parents ourselves, we deeply understand this and work to create the best scenario possible to ensure a family is left standing--even if no marriage.

Daily conversations in our office with clients include:  (1) How to effectively craft an out-of-court Property Settlement Agreement to ensure a divorce remains uncontested? or (2) How can we construct the right visitation plan to ensure the children will be OK?

But other issues also arise during family law meetings with clients, the determination of child support and spousal support to ensure the non-working party "will make it each day" and be able to ensure stability.  Still others greet us "just knowing the other party will milk it for all it's worth," and wondering how to impute income to show they could work if they reasonably and diligently applied themselves.  The spectrum is wide and we understand through this experience how best to prepare the goals each client brings to us for their matter, establishing what we call a plan of action.


Let Us Guide You

Allow our experience to guide you through the transition you face.  We are ready to help. And you have come to the right place.  Each of our attorneys has handled hundreds-some thousands-of divorce and custody cases throughout Virginia.  We frequently earn awards "best of" and "legal elite" and "super lawyer" distinctions in the area of Divorce, Custody and Support, along with the 5-star online reviews from grateful clients that mean the most to us here at Smith Strong, PLC.  

In each case, we sit down with the client, a legal pad in hand, roll up our sleeves and get to work with an experienced plan, step-by-step, together.

And with time, problems which at one point seemed impossible become more manageable. When you are ready, call us at 804.325.1245 for your first meeting.  

Thank you.  

H. Van Smith
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