Not every divorce is like the long, emotional sagas you see play out on TV; many times, it’s just two rational adults who simply recognize that they should not be together anymore. These relatively amicable divorces are perfect candidates for mediation services.

Mediation or Collaborative Law is ideal for a variety of situations:

  • You’ve worked through most of the details together with your spouse, and you just need someone to guide you through a few of the complicated parts like the house, retirement savings, and child support.
  • You don’t want things to get really expensive and you’d rather just work through an agreement to keep things out of court.
  • You and your partner never had children and you’re both on the same page as to how you want things to play out.

Many people dealing with divorce have never set foot inside a courtroom, and they most certainly don’t want to start now. As experienced Virginia divorce mediation attorneys, it’s our job to make your feel comfortable and help you wrap your divorce up as painlessly as possible, without the drama.

These are a few situations and emotions our clients commonly deal with. Do any of them sound familiar?

  • “We are hoping to keep this cost-effective and out of court; we get along, but we just know we're better off apart from one another.”
  • “We've worked through most of our divorce issues, but just need someone to guide us through the more complicated parts and help us settle everything without going to court.”
  • “I’m not sure if my spouse will agree to it or not, but I want to learn more about out-of-court divorce options like mediation and collaborative law.”
  • "I've read about how expensive divorce and custody cases can be, isn't there a way to get this done outside of court?"