Financial Advisors: Congratulations. You've Just Found the Reliable, Personable, Trusted Small Firm that is "Just Right" for Your Client's Estate Planning Needs. [And attorney Van Smith would like to meet with you in your office to begin.]

Our estate planning and elder law divisions would not exist without the continued referrals from financial advisors and accountants.


These long-term referral sources to attorney Van Smith and his team know that we will honor their referral with a few promises:


  • Same-day call back or email to their client in need of family law, estate planning or elder law assistance;
  • We will never refer them to a different financial advisor or accountant for any of their financial needs, ever!;
  • We will not damage your relationship, clients will receive superior customer service at our firm;
  • We focus on the legal side of family law, estate planning, and elder law—we do not invest client’s money, and we do not complete their tax return or trust tax return—we respect what you do and know our limitations;
  • We will provide you with attorney Van Smith’s cell phone for “quick questions” so you can email or text him for same-day reply.


We are also willing to assist your clients with:


  • Active participation/presentation of legal and estate planning topics to assist your client seminars at your invitation;
  • Happily provide a guest column to answer common legal questions from your clients in your newsletter;
  • Join you in a podcast or video presentation for your marketing efforts on estate planning or legal topics;
  • Provide free, reliable information on legal topics as you think through comprehensive solutions for your clients.


We routinely provide the following services to referred clients from financial advisors and accountants:


  • Free invitation to our Estate Planning Seminar (held each month);
  • Attendees of the Seminar then receive a free, individual appointment;
  • Comprehensive family law, estate planning and elder law services;
  • Business Succession Planning incorporated into their estate planning;
  • Personal assurance from Founder Van Smith that their experience will be outstanding.


Clients like when they learn of our firm’s long-standing relationship with their financial advisor or accountant as we ensure them that we work as a team to develop the right solutions for their family—and we do. 


We follow up with you after the referral matter is completed to ensure the experience by your client while at our firm was, as promised, outstanding. 


Next Step


Please call Van Smith’s assistant at 804.325.1245 or 757.941.4298 to schedule a coffee with Van at your office to plan ways we can not only assist your clients, but also distinguish your client services from others. 


Or feel free to complete the contact box here—which will go directly to Van Smith’s inbox.  Welcome, we look forward to working with you from Richmond to Williamsburg.

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