Next Step: What to Expect in Your First Meeting With Us


First, you will not be rushed, hurried, or leave that appointment without a plan of action established for your case.  For that reason, we don’t call them mere consultations. 

You see, when you meet with us for your divorce, custody, or support matter, we call that meeting our SMARTSTART comprehensive case preparation meeting.  You’ve waited a long time to get this done, and when it’s time—let’s do it right. 

We will meet with you to go over your unique situation in detail, carefully planning the crucial next steps.  Attorney Van Smith believes the FIRST meeting of a family law matter is the MOST IMPORTANT.  It sets the tone and stage for the entire settlement or litigation process.  Victory—or at least the desired outcome—is decided in those early planning stages. 

Let our skilled, highly trained, focused negotiators and battle-hardened veteran litigators help you.  Let the other less fortunate souls go with the first free half-hour consultation they find on the Internet.  You’ve come to the right place, welcome.  Choose us when you’re ready for a true comprehensive plan of action and want to leave with real peace of mind, knowing Smith Strong has got your back through the toughest chapter of your life. 

Ready?  For fastest response, call 804.325.1245 or 757.941.4298, or simply message attorney Van Smith at the bottom of this page for response.  We know for many of our clients this is their first time in a law office, therefore we strive to ensure each client feels as comfortable—and empowered—as possible.



Most of our estate planning and elder law matters begin out of a coming life transition—new child, pending retirement, loved one heading into long-term care.

They’ve heard the sad, tragic stories of folks that don’t plan—and the disastrous consequences that can have on people—even those that saved and were financially savvy their entire lives.

Life is short, and all of the sudden that basic will you got from the general practice lawyer is 17 years old—and it cannot, was never built to, in our opinion, handle the complexity of what attorney Van Smith calls the Two Phases of Estate Planning—a secure retirement and avoiding going broke in a nursing home.

You’ve cared enough about yourself, your spouse and your family to investigate your options.

Here’s our solution:  Call our office to sign up to attend our live estate planning workshop, then meet with attorney Van Smith, individually, after learning about your options from the workshop to create the plan you’ll need to see your family through the transitions ahead.  We’ve saved families tens of thousands of dollars with our nationally recognized solutions.

Need to meet right away?  Not a problem, call to schedule your estate planning, elder law or litigation need at 804.325.1245 or 757.941.4298, or email Van through the "Contact Van Now" messaging service below.  Either way, we're going to take care of you with exceptional service and trusted advice.

Attorney Van Smith and Smith Strong, PLC are members of Wealth Counsel and Lawyers with Purpose—premier national conferences of elite estate planning firms.

To schedule your first meeting—or sign up for the workshop—simply call our office at 804.325.1245 or 757.941.4298.  You can also sign up for the workshop on this site, or message attorney Van Smith on the bottom of this page.  

Welcome, we’ll partner with you to ensure your family is protected with the right plan.

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