Smith Strong, PLC is a premier family law firm serving central Virginia, including the Richmond metropolitan area, Williamsburg, and Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide trusted, personal counsel to individuals in sensitive family law matters, including divorce, custody, support, and property division, particularly when there are sophisticated financial and legal issues present.  In addition, our firm handles estate planning, probate, and elder law matters, as another strategic area of family law practice. 

Every new client of Smith Strong, PLC receives a copy of Van's book, The Ultimate Guide to Divorce & Custody in Virginia and his acclaimed report, The 7 Essential Steps for Divorce Planning in Virginia.

Our Process

Following a Smart Start Comprehensive Case Preparation Meeting, each new client of Smith Strong, PLC meets with the Client Services Specialist, Paralegal, and Lead Attorney for their case, ensuring a plan of action is created from day one.

This level of focus, attention, and sensitivity is possible because the firm keeps its client membership small and selective.  With this highly personal approach, Smith Strong, PLC routinely assists high net worth individuals and their families resolve complex financial issues associated with divorce, through skilled negotiation.

Family law solutions include negotiated settlement, collaborative law approaches, and in-court remedies, depending on the emotion, financial need of the individual and reality of each unique case.

Smith Strong, PLC provides LEGAL STRENGTH® counseling and comprehensive legal services to its client-members in difficult family law situations, welcoming referrals from fellow attorneys, satisfied previous clients, and raving fans of their unique, cost-effective approach.

Connect With Us

To learn more, please continue reading our website here at or call 804.325.1245 for a personal conversation.

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