At Smith Strong, our practice areas focus on family law, including:  divorce, military divorce, child custody, child support, property division, spousal support matters, and juvenile offenses.  We also assist our clients with estate planning needs, oftentimes working with their existing financial planning professional, to create lasting financial security for our clients.

Divorce & Custody

You have come to the right place, welcome.  Are you ready for a fresh start?  We can help.  For many of our clients this is their first time in a law office, and so, our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  We also want to empower you with information.  Please download attorney Van Smith’s book on Divorce & Custody in Virginia, and then call us to schedule your SMARTSTART comprehensive case preparation meeting.  More than a consultation—we’ll develop, together, a plan of action for your divorce or custody matter.  

There are no two identical divorce and custody cases.  Every family is made up of a group of individuals, each unique in their own way, and facing a unique set of circumstances in life.  For some, these circumstances may seem insurmountable; for others, they look at the issue and wonder whether they even need an attorney to accomplish their seemingly simple goals.  A word of caution--we have found that most "simple" family law cases are much more complex than first glance, and even the most seemingly complicated cases can be resolved with time and preparation.  


Estate Planning

We meet with clients each week to honestly discuss and assess their estate and develop an effective estate plan, consisting of a will, advance medical directive and power of attorney documents, and when appropriate, trusts.



Elder Law

Learn the legal, time-tested, but little-known tactics to avoid going broke while paying for nursing home, assisted living, in-home care or long-term care for your loved one. 

Get our free consumer guide or attend our free seminar to learn how to keep long term care costs from impoverishing your family.

Traffic & Protective Orders

Attorneys Keith Jones and Robert Miller have over 25 years of in-court, combined trial experience for our Traffic and Protective Order clients, appearing in courts across central Virginia and Tidewater each week.


Business Representation

Many business owners approach working with a law firm once it is all too obvious—collections from a non-paying customer, enforcement of a contract, but not nearly often enough for proactive, preemptive protection planning or succession planning.

If you own or operate a business or are about to start one—asset protection is a key plank in the construction of your business development.

Estate & Fiduciary Litigation

Our attorneys help clients in the greater Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia area when litigation is necessary to settle and estate or other fiduciary matter.