It is attorney Van Smith and his firm’s greatest privilege to assist families with the long-term protection of their special needs minor or adult child through trust planning.


These trusts can benefit disabled children and grandchildren, including those over 18.


The focus of these trusts is to structure assets to be managed properly—even if the parent is no longer able.  Further, these trusts must enable the special needs child to maintain eligibility for government programs and assistance, when possible.


The worry and care of a special needs child can be particularly stressful as parents age.  Let our firm help give you peace of mind.


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If you have a loved one in need of additional assistance, please call attorney Van Smith to schedule your special needs trust consultation at 804.325.1245 or 757.941.4298.  Of course you need good planning, but your special needs child will need it even more—don’t delay good planning.  Call us today.



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