We began offering free workshops on how to avoid going broke in nursing home after growing frustrated at the following scenario:

Eldest daughter would meet in our office for a probate/executor-advice consultation.  And she would say, “Well, Van, there’s not much left.  She’s got a house and a car and a few hundred dollars in savings, so this should be pretty easy.  The nursing home got the rest I’m afraid.”

That’s when we tell them—if you had just attended our seminar 5 years ago, before you put her in the nursing home—we could have had a much different outcome.

See, what you don’t know about asset protection could cost your family everything, too.

Through our free report and live seminar—we can show you how you too can protect your lifetime of assets, your home, your savings—while still affording long term care.

We protect our clients from having to become excessively impoverished before qualifying for long term care assistance.

Let us show you how. 

Take the following two steps: 

(1) Download Van’s book on the 2 Phases of Estate Planning:  Secure Retirement & Avoid Going Broke in a Nursing Home and then

(2) Attend Van’s live seminar to learn your options of how we can help your family.