Wouldn't it be nice to have a Richmond military divorce lawyer who understands military culture as well as Virginia law and legal procedure? And we're not talking about the military culture they've read about in books—we're talking about the one they have lived in and been a part of.

Attorney Van Smith lived and worked in Iraq in 2003 and 2004 as an aid and policy advisor to the senior advisor to the Ministry of Interior. During his time in Baghdad, he was tasked with assisting the top U.S. official in charge of rebuilding Iraq's internal security; this included police, fire, rescue services, immigration and border control. Van has also had exposure to the military through his brother, a West Point graduate and former officer in the U.S. Army.  For Van’s service in Iraq, he was awarded the designation of Honorary Iraqi Firefighter for his service to Iraq’s fire and emergency services.  His war-time experiences were featured in the Richmond Times-Dispatch and William & Mary News, among other Virginia newspapers.

Van's experience with the military, as well as his deep understanding of Virginia divorce law, makes him the ideal attorney to handle military divorce cases.