Military couples are often young newlyweds. Or, they might have young children. One parent might feel like a single parent while the other parent is away serving in the military. Military couples often move around, and might be far away from their family and friends. The military has established support programs over the past few years to aid those who are adjusting to military life.

Support Programs From the Military

    The Department of Defense (DoD), the Services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard), and the National Guard and Reserve have established support groups to provide and aid families facing deployment. Having support groups for military service members and their families helps stabilize the family. A ready, resourced, and supported family contributes to the readiness and abilities of the service member. Military OneSource offers services throughout the United States and overseas where military families are stationed. This service offers a licensed social worker who will listen and help you access information about support systems ranging from child care to doctor recommendations.

Create Your Own Circle of Support

You’ve probably heard the phrase misery loves company. If you are struggling with being in a military family, it’s likely that those around you who are in similar circumstances are too. Reach out to others you know who are military families. Maintain contact with your family and friends from home if you have to move far away. With the increased availability of talking to your loved ones “face-to-face” through video chat services, it is easy to maintain a relationship with those who are far away.

Children will need extra support. Tell your child’s teacher and school that their parent is deployed and see if the school offers any special counseling programs for children with parents who are deployed.

Communicate With Your Loved One

Set aside a time to communicate with your loved one. Send them emails or letters. Phone calls and video chats are also good communication tools. However, international calls can be costly and an increased phone bill might add stress to your already difficult situation. Look into free online services such as Skype to communicate with your loved one if they are overseas.

There is no denying that being the spouse of an active military member is difficult and will challenge you. There are many tools and support networks out there for military families. Many caring and trained people want to help you. The more you know about support for military families, the more help you can get. Call Van Smith and the attorneys at Smith Strong, PLC if you feel that you need a list of references for support as your loved one gets deployed.

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