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We honestly guide individuals and their families with estate planning that protects their assets from unforeseen events as well as overbearing taxation and costs.  We outline strategies, each week with our clients, to protect themselves, their assets, and their heirs.  It is very rewarding to guide our client-members in this moment of reflection and long-term planning.

Each client, their children, and extended family bring a unique story and set of issues to think through during our initial planning session.  Most love all of their children but know a certain sibling needs to be the decision-maker when the time comes.  Designating that individual now may remove conflict or stress from the family later.

Still, others need guardians and agents established in the event they become incapacitated--unable to properly care for themselves--and desire to select who that will be, empowering them now, so they can avoid costly court procedures later.

Other couples come to meet with us with blended families that require more detailed articulation in the division of property.

Oftentimes, we partner with a family's financial advisor or accountant to create a comprehensive estate plan, as a team.

Still others, fresh from completing their divorce with our firm, want to ensure they properly revise their will and estate planning documents for their new life.

Whether you're a young couple with their first child, middle-aged and recently divorced, facing retirement and wanting to "nail things down", or nearing a medical procedure and want to ensure all aspects of your life are carefully deliberated--we will meet with you in an open, friendly manner to craft the right plan for you and your family.

Your estate planning matter will move along with us in 3 stages:  (1) the first meeting, to outline options and identify assets; (2) draft documents, forwarding them to the client for review or clarification; and (3) second and final meeting, to review the plan, sign and carry home to have when needed.

We look forward to meeting with you and welcome your questions and ideas as we proceed.

H. Van Smith
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