Medicaid vs. Medicare in Richmond, Virginia and the Metropolitan area

Medicare is healthcare provided by the federal government to individuals over age 65 or under age 65 and deemed Social Security disabled for at least two years. Medicare covers medical costs, but has a very limited nursing home benefit (maximum 100 days or less).

Medicaid, on the other hand, is a long-term care (in-home care, nursing home or assisted living) benefit for those that qualify. Medicaid planning requires you follow specific rules in order to qualify for the benefit—and avoid penalties and delays.

At Smith Strong, PLC, Medicaid planning does not mean giving away all of your assets to qualify for Medicaid.  Instead, we set up a plan that follows the rules of law to become eligible for Medicaid, without having to lose control or give up your assets.

We invite you to attend one of our Medicaid/Estate Planning workshops to identify how you can protect your assets, while remaining eligible to receive benefits under federal guidelines.

To sign up for this free workshop—please call 804.325.1245 or 757.941.4298, or simply sign up on this website.