Trust-based estate planning is not just for wealthy people!  Most people when they hear of trusts for the first time think of the Kennedy family or “trust-fund babies” and think to themselves, “Well, that’s not for me.”

While you may not feel rich most days with your total assets of $350,000 to $850,000 (or more), trust us, to your family—they are counting on you to help them build real multi-generational wealth.

The average 40-something walking into the mall at Short Pump in Richmond only has $45,000 saved for retirement.  Baby boomers—you just may be the last generation of Americans to adequately save for retirement.  For the sake of your children and grandchildren—we must make a commitment to prepare an estate plan that will ensure the nest egg you spent a lifetime building outlives you.

Not just so you can live comfortably, though this remains important to ensure with estate planning as well, but to pass on your life savings in a way that will build a lasting legacy of prosperity and security for your grandchildren and adult children.