Incorporated Business Structures

Smith Strong, PLC attorneys often help companies incorporate into Limited Liability companies as well as C and S Corporations.  Incorporation of your business, including into an LLC for instance, enables liability protection, management structure, and tax planning, including determining how your business is taxed. 

Business Types

It used to be that corporation and partnership were the only two options. 

A Limited Liability Company or LLC now offers liability protection and tax advantages. 

Limited Liability Company Incorporation and the formation of an LLC provides excellent protection for business owners.


The LLC offers taxation and liability protection advantages, a best of both worlds approach to traditional corporations and partnerships. 

An LLC allows you to choose your own management structure and choice of members to operate the business. 

The LLC’s flexibility means that it can be run like a sole proprietorship, or as a basic partnership, or a more complex corporate structure, with board of directors.