For more than 20 years of combined experience, attorneys at Smith Strong, PLC, including attorneys Keith Jones and Robert Miller, have been trusted with DUI/DWI defense in the Richmond metropolitan area, Virginia, including Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, Goochland, and New Kent County, and all the surrounding counties. 

Our attorneys will prepare your case thoroughly for the best possible outcome.

Police are ever-vigilant for drivers exhibiting the signs of impaired driving; and courts can produce devastating outcomes for the unprepared in Virginia.  

You need a prepared advocate in that moment.

It could begin harmless enough—a holiday, concert, festival, bar, restaurant, party, or perhaps just some distracted, erratic driving—and then suddenly, a DUI/DWI stop that can change your life.

You have the right of a proper legal defense.

Police and prosecutors make mistakes, too, as we all do from time to time. But their mistake could severely impede your future wellbeing, with expensive fines, lengthy education courses, suspended licenses, and even jail time.

You need Creative, Strategic Solutions 

Let’s meet and understand the detailed set of facts for your case with our team of defense attorneys at Smith Strong, PLC.  

Our reputation is to thoroughly know your case, your facts, your defense so that you are assured both sides of the story are heard in court.  

By hiring a Smith Strong, PLC attorney, you are hiring a commitment to you and a reputation for dedicated work on behalf of our clients.  

Protecting Your Rights Requires Immediate Action

The longer you wait the fewer options and strategies we can effectively deploy, and the more your future is at risk. We can help, take action today.