Going to Court, or Seeking to Avoid It? Our Virginia Estate and Fiduciary Litigation Attorneys Can Help

Trust & Estate Dispute Litigation - A Prepared & Confident Team to Ensure Your Family's Assets are Protected

Smith Strong, PLC’s Trust, Estate, and Fiduciary Litigation practice serves as a natural extension of both our family law and estate planning practice, with the confidence of supporting thousands of clients in the midst of family disputes.  Most of our cases in this practice area come by way of referral from past clients and referring attorneys, financial advisors and financial institutions. 
That trust is critical as estate litigation often involves situations where trust has deteriorated between family members over the handling of fiduciary obligations as agent of a family member and their assets.

Our firm, led by attorney Van Smith, routinely assists clients in the following matters:

  • Will & Trust Interpretation
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties--For and Against Fiduciaries
  • Prudent Investor Rule, and Its Application on Asset Management
  • Disputed Claims For and Against Estates & Trusts
  • Lack of Mental Capacity
  • Fraud, Duress, and Undue Influence on Testators (those signing Wills and Trusts improperly)
  • Spousal Rights and Payments of Proceeds from Trust
  • Determination of Beneficiaries
  • Recovery of Assets

If you have suddenly discovered that a person you trusted to manage the financial affairs or wellbeing of a loved one is now mishandling assets, we need to meet, quickly.

Call and ask one of attorney Van Smith's assistants at 804.325.1245 or 757.941.4298 to set up an appointment in order to see if you can work directly with Van and his team of attorneys and paralegals to resolve this upsetting situation.