Smith Strong is one of the only boutique law firms in the state that has both a family law and estate planning division within the same firm—we understand the unique needs of blended families when it comes to estate planning.

In the last two years, Smith Strong handled over 750 family law matters and 600 estate planning matters—we understand clients well when those needs intersect.

Divorce and remarriage—and concern in protecting your assets from the first spouse and ensuring the children from the prior relationship are cared for—are normal topics of conversation at our private consultations with blended families.

If you're married and you or your spouse have children of a prior marriage, your estate could have disastrous consequences without proper planning.

Smith Strong’s lawyers frequently teach continuing legal education courses to other attorneys, and Smith Strong, PLC is seen as a trusted resource on estate planning for blended family arrangements. In joining two families together, we can update your existing plan or create a new plan to ensure you are able to leave the right assets to the right people at the right time, all while maintaining family harmony through the elder years and transfer of family assets from one generation to the next.

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