Allow Smith Strong, PLC, a Virginia law firm, to form your LLC and serve as your local, legal team.

Schedule a phone call with one of our attorneys, in less than 20 minutes, Smith Strong, will not only be able to form your LLC, but also lay the foundation for understanding your business, should any legal challenge arise.

Having a local, qualified attorney is an essential ingredient to your success as a business owner.

Forming the LLC is where this attorney-business owner relationship begins—let’s work together, you will need a legal partner at your side to operate a successful business, partner with Smith Strong—and Legal Strength ®. 

Remember a “website” will not be in the local courtroom when the local court documents or lawsuits are filed—a local law firm will, and Smith Strong, PLC has been the choice of over 2,500 clients since 2012.

And after the LLC is formed, don’t forget our firm is happy to serve as the registered agent of your business.  Learn more about Registered Agent services at Smith Strong, PLC.