For those with Will-based Estate Plans, upon death, the estate will have to go through the court process known as probate.

Probate in Virginia is the process of entering a will (testate) or the fact that the deceased died without a will (intestate); and then accounting for the deceased's assets and debts with the Commissioner of Accounts; and finally, distributing the assets following payment of remaining debts to your heirs with the permission granted by the Commissioner of Accounts of your jurisdiction.

This process sounds simple enough, and sometimes can be, but for most clients, they find it takes 12-18 months to complete a “probate” of an estate from Richmond to Williamsburg, Virginia--particularly if they try to do it without hiring a lawyer.

Our firm advises Executors on how to file the appropriate paperwork to meet the requirements of the court.  Executors, without legal guidance, sometimes very innocently make mistakes that lead to severe financial distress.  Our firm guides executors through probate to ensure everything is done the right way the first time, with ease.

You do not have to use the lawyer that drafted the will to also then handle probate.  Upon the death of a loved one, you can choose the firm that is right to guide you as Executor through probate, as your legal advisor.

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