Will and Trust-Based Estate Planning

Will-based estate planning at Smith Strong, PLC is our basic option.  For many young families and individuals ensuring a will, guardianship for children, power of attorney, and advance medical directive is in place provides peace of mind and a rulebook to follow, for your care and the management of your finances and family.


Without this basic estate plan established, your family will face multiple court hearings, costs and delays associated with guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.  And then this default plan, is not nearly as good as the plan you would have written for yourself.  In essence without your rulebook put in place your appointed-by-the-court agents have all the power, with no instructions from you.  This leads to stress, conflict and problems for family members left behind.  At times these no-planning, court-appointed arrangements then lead to fiduciary litigation over mismanagement.


Protect your loved ones from these outcomes with a will-based estate plan. 


Attend our educational seminar, held each month.  Attendance qualifies you for a free meeting to design your plan with an attorney at our firm.


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Trust-based estate planning is not just for the wealthy people!  Most people when they hear of trusts for the first time think of the Kennedy family or “trust-fund babies” and think to themselves, “Well, that’s not for me.”


While you may not feel rich most days with your total assets of $350,000 to $850,000 (or more), trust us, to your family—they are counting on you to help them build real multi-generational wealth.


The average 40-something walking into the mall at Short Pump in Richmond only has $45,000 saved for retirement.  Baby boomers—you just may be the last generation of Americans to adequately save for retirement.  For the sake of your children and grandchildren—we must make a commitment to prepare an estate plan that will ensure the nest egg you spent a lifetime building outlives you.


Not just so you can live comfortably, though this remains important to ensure with estate planning as well, but to pass on your life savings in a way that will build a lasting legacy of prosperity and security for your grandchildren and adult children.


You get one shot to get this right, allow our boutique firm to personally serve your family with integrity.  You sacrificed much for your family over the years, often, even time with them, to ensure they had enough.  That mindset continues with good estate planning.  Let’s honor that lifetime commitment to those you care about with establishing a solid, right the first time trust-based plan.


And for those with parents about to enter nursing home and assisted living communities—before you sign that nursing home application—you must attend our seminar to ensure you and your family don’t go broke.  We’re excited to see the light bulb go off at our seminars when they realize they didn’t just protect their children with the right plan, but ensured their own parent had the right plan in place before entering a nursing home and spent their inheritance down to the last dollar, too.


Trust-based planning allows us to protect your assets and retirement from obscene medical costs, continual assisted living or nursing home fees, and in-home care.


Don’t delay, call us at 804.325.1245 or 757.941.4298 to schedule your first meeting or attend our estate-planning seminar today.


Did you realize a will-based estate plan still means your family must go through probate with fees ranging from $2500 to 5000 on average—per person?


Trust-based estate plans allow couples to avoid probate—thus saving thousands in fees at the death of each spouse.  The right plan is far cheaper than no plan at all.  Let us show you how—it’s exciting to be part of a family that finally commits to ensuring a legacy of prosperity is put in place for their family’s future generations.


Other advantages of Revocable Trusts, when property drafted, can include:


  • Protects your assets for your spouse from financial predators;
  • Provides stability and security for disabled or special needs children;
  • Manages financial assets on behalf of children who would otherwise mishandle the funds without accountability;
  • Prevent second marriages by your spouse after your death from effectively disinheriting your children;
  • Protection for you should you become disabled;
  • Ensure your assets remain with your child, even if they go through a divorce and their better half is demanding the “better half” of their inheritance;
  • Privacy of knowing your family does not have to go through the public scrutiny of probate;
  • No court intervention required since your rulebook governs what comes next;
  • Ensure your business’s value is realized through succession planning.


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