You fell in love with their Mom, and you realize their biological father is out of the picture, likely for good.  And now you seek to make it official and become a complete family through our stepparent adoption system.

Our Stepparent Adoption System means we work to ease the transition and ensure the process is completed quickly and professionally, oftentimes out of court.

It is one of our firm's happiest occasions to call our clients and inform them of the good news of the stepparent adoption.  More importantly, the child feels more secure in the love of both parents through the adoption process.

Let us bring that wonderful moment to your family. Speak to our Virginia Adoption Attorneys today.

“Excellent Service!  I came to Smith Strong to start the process of adopting my stepdaughter (7 years old) through a stepparent adoption. My wife and I married when she was 6. Her biological father has had no involvement in her life; therefore, I wanted to make sure she had an official father figure in her life."

"Smith Strong took care of us in the most affordable way possible. We were able to settle the case out of court, which saved us several hundred dollars in fees. I highly recommend Smith Strong for any of your family's legal needs.”

Jason M., Chesterfield County, Virginia, age 31