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Let Our Firm Show You How to Afford Long Term Care for Your Loved One Without Going Broke

Learn the legal, time-tested, but little-known tactics to avoid going broke while paying for nursing home, assisted living, in-home care or long-term care for your loved one. 

Get our free consumer guide or attend our free seminar to learn how to keep long term care costs from impoverishing your family.

Don’t wait until you’re out of money and out of options—our firm can help educate you on the smart, proven strategies to protect your assets from the on average $8,000 per month in nursing home bills. Learn why traditional estate plans won’t help and the type of plan that will. 

Also we can teach you the biggest mistake most families make when signing documents to enter a loved one into a nursing home.  And show you how to protect the family home from being taken to pay for nursing home care.

We’ll also show you how to find the right nursing home and how to ensure your loved one receives quality care once there.

Our elder law division was founded to provide solutions for families struggling to pay for and find solutions for long term care challenges.

We can help:

  • Protect your family’s assets from nursing home spending;
  • See if your family member qualifies for Medicaid to pay for rising nursing home costs;
  • Uncover hidden benefits available exclusively to veterans and their spouses to reduce the costs of home health care or assisted living;
  • Assist Executors, Administrators and Trustees through estate and trust administration procedures and Probate;
  • Show individuals the right way to make gifts to heirs or children—without their generosity disqualifying them from Medicaid;
  • Make the complicated, bureaucratic process to qualify for long-term care simple, easy, and done-for-you.


Many attorneys, and certainly most everyday folks, simply don’t know and remain unaware of the options at your disposal to pay for long-term-care.  We do—let us educate and empower your family.  You don’t have to go broke to afford long-term care for your loved one—let us show you how.


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