As family law attorneys, we know teenagers don't always think through their actions--or the consequences.

At Smith Strong, we get it and will work hard to ensure their futures are secure and protected.

And we work hard on behalf of our clients and their parents to ensure that this one-night mishap doesn't keep them from moving forward with their goals for college and future careers.

It can be hard for a teenager to imagine that one night of drinking (and being caught in public) or taking a prescription or illegal drug (to sell or distribute) into a high school can cause so many long-term consequences. The juvenile justice system works well, in our opinion, when the severity of the punishment fits the severity of the crime. Oftentimes, consequences are truly meant to be rehabilitative in nature--for instance, a recommendation for alternative schooling, probation, or community service.  When youth incarceration is required, the hope is that this punishment will deter the youth from making poor decisions later in life. We work to educate youth and their caregivers about the range of possible consquences in the juvenile justice system in Virginia. We then prepare a vigorous defense and oftentimes negotiate the result outside of court with the Commonwealth's Attorney appointed to the case.

If your teenage son or daughter needs our help--we welcome your call to schedule a Smart Start comprehensive case meeting with you and your teenage son or daughter.

Van, I can't thank you enough!  My 16 year old had gone out with friends and was picked up by a police officer who found him under the influence of alcohol, in public.  Suddenly, he was facing a charge that could have kept him out of his first-choice college and kicked off his soccer team.  Without your help, securing community service and eventual dismissal of the charges against him, I truly think it would have devastated his high school career.  You gave him a second chance!  And I'll make sure he never forgets it!!

Tough Mother Love from a Concerned Parent, Summer 2013, Chesterfield County, Virginia

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