Businesses must maintain consistent receivables to sustain quality and consistent operations. Smith Strong, PLC helps businesses of all sizes and lines of work legally locate and persuade debtors to pay outstanding bills. At Smith Strong, PLC, in Richmond, Virginia, we provide collections and contract enforcement legal services for businesses in the Richmond area, and throughout Virginia.

Experienced Collection Attorneys

Our business lawyers are experienced in helping businesses collect on unpaid invoices and work performed through negotiation, litigation, and judgment enforcement actions. Clients include consulting companies, nursing homes, financial institutions, commercial entities, and individual entrepreneurs.  We work to ensure your business is paid.

Our collection efforts and litigation involve contract enforcement, rental payments owed, past due invoices, and other outstanding commercial accounts. We represent business clients in cases with aspects of collections, garnishments, and loan workouts.

If a hearing in court is needed to collect, our attorneys appear in courts across Virginia every week, particularly in central Virginia and the Richmond metropolitan area.

Let’s Help You Collect What is Owed

Contact the Richmond-area business collections attorneys at Smith Strong, PLC at 804.325.1245 today.