Spousal AbuseShowing Cause for Divorce

Spousal abuse and domestic violence are serious issues in any relationship. If you are the victim of abuse, an attorney can assist you in separating from your spouse, protecting your children and also ensuring that you are not harmed. In Virginia, you will generally need to show grounds to support a for-cause divorce. Showing cause for a divorce is not necessary; however, an attorney can explain to you that the for-cause process can be faster and easier to obtain.

There are several ways to show cause to support a divorce. One ground is to prove that you are subject to domestic violence and harmed in your divorce. Because you have to prove this in a family court, you will want to work with a lawyer who will advocate for your rights and deal with the difficult legal process.


Child Custody and Domestic Violence

In divorces where abuse and violence come into play, a major issue will be custody of minor children. You will not want an abusive parent to have custody of your loved ones. Even in cases of parental visitation, a lawyer can help you work out solutions that help protect you and your children. Some common options include supervised visitation and limited visitations to phone calls and Internet video chat.


Getting Help Immediately

The most important issue when dealing with abuse in a marriage is ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe from harm. To do so, you will want to contact a lawyer who knows about how family law courts operate in order to obtain legal remedies like a restraining order. In cases of immediate harm, you should contact law enforcement personnel.