I knew nothing about getting a military divorce. Married 20+ years out of state, a full time working Mom of 3, I didn't know what I was entitled to [IF I wanted those things], how to negotiate during mediation [what is REALLY important to me - stay focused], or how to remain civil when an uncontested divorce turns contested.

Not once was I caught unware of the process, the paperwork, or her expectations of me. I needed someone not just smart and stylish, I wanted someone who would be honest and straight forward with me about all things. Trust was instant which is rare for me and along the process I had, and she did too, remind me I paid HER for her expertise, knowledge, and sound advice - especially when my feelings got in the way of her REASONABLE sound advice.

I could not be happier with my outcome or more complimentary of the legal services provided, professionalism extended, and knowledge base known by Mrs. Jaime Allgood.

She works the process in your favor, listening to what you want and knowing what you're entitled to, but never leading you on. Listen to her advice, communicate openly and honestly with her, and allow her to fully represent you. Trust me, she knows what she is doing and is highly respected and well known in legal circles and courthouses in Virginia.

I highly recommend her, give her a call!!

La'Shawn, 2017 military divorce client