Military Divorce Attorney in RichmondIndividuals getting divorced from a military member should be aware of special rules regarding spousal support. While alimony is determined primarily by state law, there are special provisions that apply to military members. 

Generally, alimony is the court-ordered payment of monetary support from one spouse to another. A judge may award alimony for a variety of reasons including:

  • Financial realities of the divorce that make it equitable for one spouse to receive support;

  • A spouse may need temporary assistance to get back on his or her feet; and

  • Length of marriage, disabilities and other special considerations.

There are many other factors that a court will consider in awarding alimony, and you will want to contact a military divorce attorney in Richmond to discuss the details of your case.
How Long Alimony is Awarded

Not all alimony awards are permanent. Instead, a military divorce lawyer in Richmond can explain to you that courts typically have discretion to award alimony for varying periods of time. 

It is a very fact-specific determination to determine how long alimony will be awarded. Some types of alimony that a military divorce lawyer in Richmond can explain include:

  • Bridge the Gap. This type of alimony may be appropriate when one spouse needs support for a short period of time, such as to get a car, move into an apartment or finish a degree.

  • Temporary. Temporary spousal support is often awarded to couples who were married for a short period of time or if there is some special need where one spouse deserves support.

  • Permanent. A judge may consider long marriages or circumstances where a spouse is incapacitated in awarding permanent alimony. In addition, a spouse who sacrificed his or her career or primarily raised the couple's children may be entitled to permanent support.