Attorney Robert Miller represented the husband in the dissolution and post-divorce complications of a 38 year marriage, including issues over spousal support and retirement allocation.    In a result favorable to our client, Judge Cheek in Richmond City Court declined to award the wife spousal support despite the fact that her husband (our client) made significantly more money.

Additionally, the husband maintained possession of all firearms and all gold and silver bullion acquired during their marriage. Robert Miller also saved the client $30,000 as a result of denying the opposing counsel's motion for an alternative valuation of assets. This valuation would have inevitably given the opposing party a higher share of our client's retirement. No attorney's fees were awarded for the wife, though she spent $60,000 on attorney fees.  As a main argument in the matter, Robert Miller presented evidence to the court that the husband did far more work during the marriage, compared to the wife's contribution.  

Divorce Matter, City of Richmond Circuit Court, June 2021