Surprising Truths About What Divorce Mediation Is Really Like

When you choose to deal with your divorce in court, even if you’ve never been in a courtroom before, you kind of know what to expect: the judge directs the proceedings and you follow her lead. However, most people have never seen mediation conferences—not even on television dramas—and may not know what to anticipate.

Mediation conferences are much less formal than anything you would encounter in a courtroom. If you really wanted to, you could show up un-showered and in sweat pants (though we do encourage the showering part). That is because mediation is just usually you, your spouse, and the mediator. Attorneys or other parties will sometimes be present, but meetings tend to be more productive with fewer people involved.

Divorce mediation will generally take place at a neutral location, such as your mediator’s office. The mediator can guide the entire discussion, or you can also bring up important topics that you would like to cover. You decide the direction you want your mediation session to go in. Your mediator is simply there to facilitate the discussion and make sure it moves forward in a productive manner.

Successfully mediating your divorce will almost always take more than one session, with each session lasting an hour or more, depending on what you require. All of the discussion can be mentally exhausting, so you will find that completing the divorce in a few different meetings is definitely the best option for negotiating with a clear head.