Weathering the Storm of Divorce

divorce lawyer in Richmond, VAYour divorce lawyer is keenly aware of how emotionally taxing the divorce process can be.  The following are some tips to help you weather the storm of change that divorce brings:

Take Care of Your Children

This is your most important job. Make sure your children’s needs are met. As much as possible, protect them from the stress of the divorce. Keeping a positive attitude in the presence of your children has the added benefit of keeping you focused on something positive—something other than the grind of the divorce process.

Hang on to Your Job

During this time of transition, your job is more important than it ever has been. Tell your employer that your marital relationship is in flux, but that you will do whatever is necessary to make sure your employment relationship remains sound. If you are unhappy in your job, try not to make any rash decisions. Your unhappiness could be just a byproduct of your divorce. If, after some time has passed, you are still unhappy in your job, begin a systematic search for new employment. Be sure to respect your current employer—give proper notice, and don’t burn any bridges on your way out.

Hang on to Your Friends

A divorce often reveals your true friends. Some “friends” will be awkward and will distance themselves from you. Let them go. Hold tight to the true friends who stand by you and support you.

Know When to Ask for Help

Your divorce lawyer knows that it takes most people about a year to begin to recover from a divorce. Some people take less time, some take longer. If, however, some time has passed and you still feel “stuck” or unable to cope with your everyday life, seek professional help.