While religion has always been an important aspect of many people’s everyday life, Christian counseling is becoming popular with families going through turmoil.  The Center for Christian Counseling in Richmond, Virginia is designed to serve individuals, couples, families, and even whole congregations.  The mission of this organization is to encourage wholeness of mind and spirit by providing educational resources that combine Biblical wisdom with effective mental health practices. The Center for Christian Counseling also seeks to prevent individual, relational, and community dysfunction by providing on-going Christian counseling services to clients, churches, and organizations.

A Distinctive Way to Bring Hope and Healing

            Through the Center for Christian Counseling, individuals can find counselors who are committed to providing scripture-based therapy as an integral part of the overall mental health practice.  This practice can help people or families dealing with issues such as: depression, abuse, anxiety, conflict, grief, caregiving, martial relationships, pre-martial counseling, family relationships, and mediation. 

Available to All

            Based on the Biblical principle of Christian community, the Center for Christian Counseling uses a flexible fee schedule to ensure that no person in need of counseling services is turned away.  Fees are based on a sliding scale of a client’s gross monthly income.  Those who are able, pay a “going rate.”  If a client pays more than the cost of a session, the excess money is donated to the Counseling Scholarship Fund.  If a future client cannot pay for services, the therapy session is paid from the Counseling Scholarship Fund. 

Uniquely Qualified Counselors

            The therapists at the Center for Christian Counseling are licensed to practice in Virginia as professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers.  Additionally, each therapist employed by the Center affirms a shared statement of faith.  The therapists at the Center use many different therapeutic interventions that are based on both behavioral research as well as Biblical principles.  A key part of the Center’s therapy program is prayer, so therapists meet regularly to pray for the clients at the Center. 

            Attorney Van Smith recommends Christian Counseling for individuals or families going through turmoil who are also seeking to expand and further their relationship with Christ.  If you have any questions or inquiries involving how Christian Counseling can help you with any family law issues you may be experiencing, call Smith Strong at (804) 325-1245 or (757) 941-4298.

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