Child Support  

At SMITH | STRONG, PLC, we maintain sophisticated computer programs that can calculate the child support obligation of each family, based upon the following information, which you can bring to your first consultation with us:


  • Monthly gross income of each parent;
  • Spousal support payments received or paid;
  • Prior child support orders (and arrearages);
  • Total child care costs (daycare); and
  • Health insurance premiums paid on behalf of the child.


Our firm will also issue subpoena duces tecum (legal requests to send documentation, in this case, related to finances) on the opposing party, ensuring that the other party brings these items to court or sends them to our firm in advance of any court date, where possible.


Homework Assignment:  Assemble income proof.  And let’s calculate child support.


Also, dig into your child custody plan.

PS!:  Free Child Support Calculator Below, we spent several days working on it as a rough estimate for what YOU can expect, Try it Below!




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