Richmond child custody attorneyBoth parents are expected to contribute to the support of children under Virginia family law. When one parent takes on the responsibility of custody, the other is expected to provide financial support. A Richmond child custody attorney can assist you if there is a dispute over child support; however, certain guidelines are used to calculate this support.

How Support Is Calculated

The Code of Virginia §20-108.2 establishes that child support calculations begin with the income of both parents. Necessities for support of the child will be provided for in the calculation, such as clothing, food, schooling, and health.

Once each parent’s income is determined, certain deductions are calculated in. This area can become rather complicated, and the assistance of a Richmond child custody attorney is advised. The more common and straightforward deductions are:

  • Child support from a previous relationship
  • Health insurance premiums for the child
  • Alimony

Alimony is only a deduction for the party paying it. The other party must add it to his/her income. Both parents’ adjusted incomes are then added together, and each is then calculated as a percentage of the total. The parent with the higher percentage pays the difference. In situations of shared custody, or where the non-custodial parent has the child for more than 90 days per year, the calculation is adjusted.


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