child custody lawyers in Richmond, VA

There are a number of issues that can be of great concern during a divorce. If you and your spouse shared children during the marriage, it is likely that you will have to deal with various child custody issues as part of the divorce process, as well. A deposition will be taken in this regard. Your lawyer will take your spouse’s deposition and your spouse’s attorney will probably take yours.


Standard Questions

There will be a number of standard questions asked during the deposition, including those pertaining to whom the children’s primary caretaker has been; what the daily life of the children is like currently; and who has been responsible for clothing, bathing, feeding, and preparing meals for them.


Questions about Schooling

The attorney will also have questions regarding your children’s schooling, and will probably want to know who handles the school registration. He/she will also ask whether or not you do any volunteer work at the school and, if so, what kind and how often. The attorney will also want detailed information about the children’s extracurricular activities and who handles the things associated with those. 

Keep in mind that the parent who has not been the primary caregiver will probably want to become a lot more involved in the children’s lives once the divorce has been filed. Thus, it is crucial that both your child custody lawyers and the opposing attorney take into consideration both the pre- and post-divorce day-to-day responsibilities for the children.


When Both Parents Work Full-Time

There are even more concerns when both parents are employed on a full-time basis. If this is the case, the deposition will include questions about who has the responsibility for taking children to daycare or school and who picks them up at the end of the day; who is the main contact person for the school or daycare if something happens; and, in case of illness, who will take time off from work to attend to the child.