There is no escaping the fact that divorces cause major upheaval. Not only is there an emotional toll, but there is a financial one as well. As you begin divorce proceedings, your attorney should explain all the costs associated with litigation. This doesn't mean you can avoid retaining the services of a family attorney in Virginia. You just need to be aware of all your options. Family Lawyer in Virginia

Deciding on a Trial

Although the courts need to grant a divorce, that doesn't mean you have to go to trial. Instead, you and your family lawyer can work out all the settlement issues with your spouse outside of the courtroom. You can set the tone for the settlement proceedings by your actions. Ultimately, a successful settlement can be presented to a judge. As long as both parties sign off, your divorce should be granted. 

Opting for a trial could mean recovering more settlement funds. However, you need to consider the consequences. Stay focused on the economical issues and not the emotional ones. If your spouse is attempting to hide assets or rejects a fair settlement offer, then take them to court. On the other hand, if you feel rejected, then going to court is not a satisfying form of "revenge." Even if you come out on top in court, there could be lasting effects that have an impact on you and your children.

Additional Litigation Considerations

Litigation because of the bad feelings it can generate between you and your spouse. If you're raising children together, you don't want to be presented with bitterness and resentment every time you see your spouse. 

Keep in mind that just because you decide to go to trial doesn't mean you're going to like the outcome. Your lawyer could be very skilled, but that doesn't guarantee that the judge is going to rule in your favor. It makes stronger sense to work out your differences before you get in front of the judge.