Richmond family lawyer It is impossible to predict the problems that will arise or the subjects that will need addressing while you adapt to parenting after your divorce. Tackling each problem or subject as soon as they come up is preferable to simply avoiding them and hoping they will go away. 

Listed below are some common parenting themes to take note of. The advice that is given is meant to assist you in developing sound behavior that will help your children through the divorce process. 


It is important to decide now which parent will be called in the event of an emergency. The parent best suited for this is the one who will be least impacted financially. If the father is salaried and can make up missed work whenever, and the mother is paid hourly and has difficulty taking time off, then the former should take on this role. If the mother works from home, then she should be on call. Either way, your children’s school should have contact information on both parents. 

Children require structure to develop normally and feel secure. Therefore, your lawyer will advise that seeing your children simply whenever the mood hits you or when you have time is not beneficial. Showing up whenever and however may stress your children as well as your ex. You need to commit to seeing your children regularly based on their needs, not yours. 

It is often a good idea to make two identical calendars, one for each parent’s home. Highlight the days your children will be with their mom in pink and those with their dad in blue. Write in all activities, appointments, and special events. This provides another form of structure, much the same as consistent bedtimes and meals, which will enhance your children’s security. 

Obtaining Legal Counsel 
The legal advice and counsel of an experienced and knowledgeable family attorney can help you with parenting issues after your divorce. Please contact the attorneys at Smith Strong at 804-325-1245 to request an initial consultation.