The attorneys at Smith Strong, PLC can help guide you through your custody matter and help you take the steps necessary to receive an appropriate child support payment. In a recent Virginia case, the court held that child support orders must include coverage of health care costs.

Recent Case Held that Child Support Order Must Include Health Care Costs

Despite that fact that a Virginia Circuit Court order required a father to pay child support, the order failed to include provisions related to health care coverage. Virginia Code § 20-60.3 requires health care coverage and unreimbursed medical expenses to be included in the calculation of child support payments.

Current standards for the calculation of child support require that the health insurance cost per child is determined by subtracting the cost of individual coverage for the policy holding parent from the total cost of coverage, and dividing the remainder by the number of covered people under the policy.

Attorney Van Smith and his colleagues can help guide you through the process of ensuring that you and your child receive the appropriate amount of child support in a divorce case.

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