It is important in a Virginia divorce proceeding to have a court reporter. A court reported transcript is necessary in the event that you want to appeal the judge’s decision. Any appeals from the circuit court to the appeals court requires a certified transcript, and thus a court reporter. Smith Strong, PLC has worked for years with reliable court reporting companies, ensuring that a truthful and accurate copy of the court proceedings is made in the event you decide to appeal. 

The Court of Appeals Cannot Review a Trial Court Decision Without a Transcript from the Initial Proceeding

The Court of Appeals cannot review a trial court decision without a transcript from the initial proceeding. A transcript provides a word-by-word typology of what was said during the court proceeding and by whom. It acts as the script of the proceeding.

In a recent case out of Henrico, Virginia, the appeals court refused to hear an appeal from a circuit court case for a reduction in spousal support because of a lack of transcript.

Smith Strong, PLC typically recommends court reporters for all of our divorce and custody hearings. Your case will be transcribed by a court reporter, thus allowing you the option to always appeal. To speak to a divorce lawyer directly, contact our office at 804-325-1245.


Special thanks to co-author and fellow researcher, Hayden-Anne Breedlove for her contribution with this article. Hayden-Anne Breedlove anticipates graduating from the University of Richmond School of Law in May of 2019.

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