Children's schedules and divorceMuch needs to be considered when setting up a schedule for children of a divorce. Our attorneys can help you devise a plan that works for both parents, and keeps the children’s needs as a top priority.

The Children Must Come First

Such factors as the distance between parental residences, daily timetables for both parents and children (work/school) and other activities will have a bearing on how a contact schedule is designed. The schedule should be practical and stable with the children’s welfare and comfort at the forefront. If possible, appointments that conflict with the timetable should be rescheduled so that the children are reassured of their importance to both their parents. One-on-one time with each parent should be worked in when two or more children are involved.

Children Need Time to Accustom Themselves to Changes

Switching between homes requires time for each child to adapt. Greater distances may require greater adjustment and take longer. If you and your spouse wish to divide your time equally, the child’s personality and resiliency must be taken into account. Your child will have to deal with a different house, different people, schools, and so on, and this can be difficult. Children accustomed to “their own” bed or “their own” bathroom may not adapt well to this type of schedule.

Quality over Quantity

When you create a loving, happy atmosphere with shared memories, activities and habits, your children will carry this through life. However, if the time is marred by quarrels, screaming and unpleasantness, this will also shape the children’s attitudes as they grow. Counselors are available to provide help, ideas, and support for you and your children.

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