Richmond family law attorneyGoing through a divorce is tough on everyone involved, especially children. As a parent, you need to develop and utilize the tools to best tend to your children’s needs and recognize when issues arise.

Decompression Time

After divorce, many children go back and forth between their parents’ houses. While it is important your child spends time with both parents, it can be difficult for the child if each parent has a different parenting style. You should not overreact to any defiance or behavioral issues your child may exhibit due to this period of adjustment. Rather than punishment, you should let the child go to his room for some quiet alone-time. Usually, a few hours of this will be enough to help your child feel secure and to resolve any behavioral issues.

Keeping Track of Parenting Concerns

It might be wise to keep a parenting log. There, you can note if you identify any questionable parenting choices made by your former spouse. For your own use, you may want reminders of things that have worked and not worked as you share parenting responsibilities.

Your attorney may advise that, for the purposes of any future legal dealings, you should clearly record instances you have felt the welfare of your child was at stake. If necessary, your attorney can use your log as a piece of evidence against your former spouse. Instances that are simply disagreements on how your children should be parented, such as a late bedtime, are not relevant to the court. If your ex puts your children in danger or is neglectful to them, though, your Richmond family law attorney will want you to document it. Let your lawyer know right away if your former spouse has broken the law or endangered your child.

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