Fresh Start in 2014? Begin with Careful Planning of Your Calendar

It’s Time for a New Year, And a Fresh Start

But, Van, Where Do I Begin? 


In this edition we’ve got a good stew, an article on Mitt Romney and Horses, and my travel plans for 2014.

So, if we’re following this closely—eat well, ride a horse, and go places!  Got it?!


No, what we’re after is experiencing life’s joy, finding your passion, and carving out time to experience new things.


It’s getting harder all of the time to actually live that last sentence.  And a horse?  Van, get real, right?


BEGIN HERE.  We’ve got to take control of the calendar.  Block out the good times on your calendar, not just court dates or work trips.  And hold true to that saved block of time, don’t let anyone invade that space—it’s as important as the work trip, as important as court.


Have you blocked off time for your vacation and activities yet?  Do it!  And we’re not ‘working for the weekend’ here at Smith Strong.  We love the week, too.


At work we’re totally committed, focused, mindful of the work we’re doing, the influence it is having on people, on families, on communities.  And when we enter the space of ‘workouts’, ‘horseback riding’, ‘travel’ on the calendar, we approach it with the same mindfulness, experiencing that moment to the fullest as well.


With each hour in the workday I have a rhythm, combining like-tasks together, blocking them on the calendar, in advance.  Then I roll through the day like a log flume.  In bursts, with each hour bringing together like-tasks of calls, of meetings, of letter writing, of research, of consultations, of court appearances, of staff management.  With everything except court, it occurs at the same time each day, in a rhythmic burst of focused, productive time.


It begins with making a promise to yourself.  Writing it down on your calendar is a simple, yet powerful commitment—at this time, I will do this.  Then, keep that promise to yourself.



H. Van Smith

PS:  How do you keep it all straight?  Got a time management/life balance tip to share with Van?  Call 804.325.1245 and set up a teleconference with Van through one of his assistants.

H. Van Smith
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