Approachable Guide to Divorce and Custody Process

In closing, I feel I can confidently speak on the appropriate steps to take, (and not to take), during the process of a divorce or custody agreement. I would often ask myself, “Is it really just that easy?”, knowing that it isn’t, but Van wrote this publication in a way that anyone could understand. It assured me that I could share the knowledge I gained from this guide, to assist a friend in the occurrence of this devastating time in their life. I would highly recommend this knowledgeable and speedy read to anyone headed towards the uphill battle called divorce. As I learned from Divorce and Custody: Quickly Get Back to Fully Living Your Life, the process of divorce does not have to be so difficult. It can be swift and simplified, if you are willing to adapt to the changes and seek an impartial council with your best interest in mind.

--Written by Taren M., 28-year old Chesterfield County Resident

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