CooperVision, a contact lens manufacturer, commissioned a survey of 2,000 people on the amount of time they spent on screens. The results may astound you. 

Overall Time

            The study found that 42% of the time American adults are awake our eyes are looking at screens. Assuming the average person sleeps eight hours a night, that means that the average adult spends six hours and 43 minutes looking at screens daily. Looking at that number differently, that is 7,956 days or 21.8 years of our lifetimes. 

The Number is Still Increasing

            79% of those surveyed said their screen time has been increasing over time, which points to the problem only getting worse. This is unsurprising with the growing number of jobs that require employees to use their computers and phones. 


            Age played a significant factor into how much time people spent looking at screens, with millennials having the highest screen times. About 3/5 of the millennials surveyed admitted feeling “anxious or irritated” if they were not able to check their phones, while just 1/5 baby boomers felt that way. 

Negative Effects

            Looking at screens causes eye fatigue and after about four hours most people experience discomfort and have to take a break. 73% of the people surveyed said screen time makes them feel lethargic and then 64% said they felt happier after getting a significant break from a screen. In addition to these factors, screen time will generally point to inactive periods, so not only are people tiring their eyes, but also deteriorating their muscular and cardiovascular health. 

Take Breaks 

            As mentioned previously, many jobs require people to look at screens to be productive, however it is important to take breaks. Breaks that involve getting up and moving are even better. So now it is time for me to end this article and let you get your eyes off the screen.  

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