Get Out & About This Winter

Wintertime in the River City


The recent icy temperatures and scant hours of daylight can be a bit demoralizing, even to the most upbeat among us. Combined with the predictable post-Christmas emotional letdown, one’s view of Richmond might seem dreary or grey during these mid-winter months. Au contraire! In fact, our city is glittering with opportunity.  So, whether you are the artsy, athletic, or just plain beer-drinking type, get off the couch and explore.


For creative types (or those who need a mental break from their desk job), I offer two suggestions for quality diversions: (1) Visit Wine and Design, 2707 West Broad Street.  Bring your own wine or buy it there, grab a canvas, sit back and listen as a talented artist guides you through the intricacies of creating your personalized work of art.  After one or two glasses, your creative juices will likely be flowing, and you will have an artistic treasure to memorialize the fun experience when Monday morning at the office inevitably rolls around.  (2) For those who consider themselves more art connoisseur than amateur artist, I recommend going to see the Made in Hollywood exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  As a compilation of more than 90 original vintage photographs of mid-twentieth century icons such as Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, and Greta Garbo, this exhibit is a an absolute must-see.


If looking at art leaves you with some pent-up energy, Richmond offers plenty of opportunity for athletic escapes.  Hop on the trendy new “bar” bandwagon and explore this fun and unique way to workout combining elements of yoga, pilates and ballet.  The Richmond Barre Studio, 5703 Grove Avenue, offers novice to advanced bar classes, all designed to help you keep that new year’s resolution intact.


For some people, however, going to “the bar” only means one thing: beer.  If you fall into this category, Richmond will not disappoint.  Continuing the emerging brewery tradition of late, Ardent Craft Ales plans to add a brewery in Scott’s Addition in late Spring 2014.  While waiting for the spring thaw, bide your time with a brew at Blue Bee Cider, Hardywood, or Legend’s-essential stops on any Richmond beer lover’s short list. 


Get artsy, get athletic, or just get tipsy.  While it is tempting to Red Box or Netflix your way through the cold months, it will be far more memorable to get up, get out, and explore some of the hidden gems the River City has to offer.   

H. Van Smith
Trusted Virginia Family Law Attorney Serving Richmond to Williamsburg
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