It is difficult to understand and comprehend the intense feelings of pain and anguish you experience when a loved one dies. When someone we love dies, it feels like a part of us has died too. Instead of trying to “move on” or “get over it,” the best way to deal with grief is to fully embrace it. By embracing your grief, you are able to grapple with and untangle the emotions you are feeling and take a step forward with your life.

The Death of a Loved One Means Life Changes, Not That Life Has Ended

Although the days following the passing of a loved one might feel like you, too, have died, your life must still go on. Be strong and continue to lead a life that would make your loved one proud. When we begin to recognize that life has changed, not ended, we are able to adapt to the changes and move forward with our lives.

Give Yourself Time

Grief has its own schedule. Everyone grieves differently. We have to allow ourselves to feel and experience what is happening in the present - in the here and now. Worrying about the future or regretting and holding guilt about the past will only hinder you and will not help you honor your loved one’s memory.

Take Time To Care For Yourself

You are your own strongest supporter. Everyone experiencing a loss should pay attention to their mental and physical health. Do this by taking time for yourself. Go get a massage, or your hair done. Exercise. Go on hikes in nature or to a favorite vacation spot where you and your loved one shared numerous happy memories.

Find a hobby you enjoy or find a support group of friends to spend time with. Although no hobby or friend can replace your loved one, they can help you in moving forward and continuing to live your life.

Honor Your Loved Ones

Each year, you will be faced with challenging days surrounding your loved one’s death. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays will lose their joy, as you feel that a piece of you is missing and the celebration just isn’t the same without your loved one. Honor and embrace these feelings, but use these occasions as a way to celebrate your loved one’s memory.

Although everyone deals with death and grief differently, it is important to remember that you are stronger than you think you are and can get through even the toughest of days. Call Attorney Van Smith today if you are grieving the loss of a loved one and need help with your family law or estate matters. Although your journey forward will be filled with difficulties and struggles, you will make it through this difficult time.

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