[Night Before Child Support Enforcement Trial]

"Katie, quick message for Van please (quick because I'm watching Lawrence of Arabia before I go to sleep). He was very reassuring in our discussion this evening in the sense that I KNOW I have the best representation regardless of the outcome. The judge rules the day in that matter. The various scenarios' that he provided allows me all the more so to be prepared for my day in court."


[Night After Trial]

"Katie, I saw a young man [attorney Van Smith] in court yesterday plying his profession successfully, not for the court, not just to win, but in order to provide his clients with the best defense of their case. I wasn't able to observe his body language or facial expressions but there was never any doubt in mind that he cared about my family. That meant more to me than anything else. Truly a good man is Van Smith."
--John M., James City County, Virginia, 56 years old, Child Support Enforcement Matter