I am always grateful when clients write thank you notes and leave satisfied scores on legal rating websites.  Of course, results vary and past performance does not provide any guarantee for future cases, or your case in particular.  But I’d be personally leery of becoming involved with an attorney with less than positive reviews. Wouldn’t you? 

These reviews were left on my public Avvo profile, emailed to our firm, or directly sent to us from this website.

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  • You had a grace about you that day [of my daughter's custody trial] that was powerful. Your elocution and well-placed coup de gras had the plaintiff's lawyer running after its tail. The words you spoke were potent and well-timed with exact execution. Despite over a thousand pages of discovery and years of gathered evidence, you possessed an eye to every side and angle of contingency. And to think the plaintiff had Virginia's top lawyer...and you buried him! The world needs more dedicated lawyers like you.
  • Mr. Smith: I would like to thank you and your firm for accepting me as a client ( second time around). I met with attorneys Emily and Nicole yesterday, it was a good consultation. I feel I will be well represented. There is a compassion that flows from your staff to the clients. I am so thankful for that blessing, it is very uplifting. Blessings in our Lord. Have a blessed night. --Sandra K.