Van -
It was a great pleasure meeting you last week, and I want to thank you for taking the time to sit in on the meeting with [name deleted]. I appreciate not only your expertise in the legal aspects, but your taking the time to share great life advice with him.

I feel that there are too few adult mentors available to young people in our very mobile, consumerist and increasingly "digital" society. I hope and pray that he will take some of what you said to heart. His father is no such mentor or role model, in my opinion, so he will have to find it elsewhere if he finds it at all.

I want to tell you that I thought Kathleen was excellently well-prepared Thursday prior to the court hearing. As you may know, the two young women came and chose not to pursue the charges any further, which was a relief to all. In every interaction with Kathleen I continue to be favorably impressed. I trust her professionalism and ability completely and look forward to having her representation when we go to court for my divorce. Please know that I am very happy I chose your firm!


Deb O., mother of son whose protective order was dismissed, Henrico County, Virginia