Estate Planning for In-Home Care

Want to stay in your home for as long as possible? 


Would you like to develop an estate plan that allows you to stay in your home, with the assistance of family or in-home care professionals?


Did you know that our firm could structure asset protection plans that incorporate Medicaid paying for in-home care?


Are you watching a loved one at home?  Are they paying you—do you have the right home-care-agreement that ensures that you are not creating a liability that disqualifies or delays them from receiving government benefits later?


Attend our free seminar on Estate Planning to ensure you or your loved one is able to stay at home, developing a plan to pay for that intensive, one-on-one care model, and ensuring that the payment does not prevent them from qualifying for other needed government benefits.


Few people know that Medicaid also has programs to allow some seniors to stay at home longer, with Medicaid benefits paying for this highly desirable in-home care.


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