Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Unique Challenges Require a Unique Solution

If you have to face the possible transition of a loved one to assisted living or nursing home care that faces Alzheimer’s or Dementia, we understand how difficult that road of care has been for you.


You’re probably exhausted, but in spite of your significant efforts over the last few years, still feel guilty at the prospect of turning their round-the-clock care needs to professionals.


First, understand their care will likely improve in spite of your best efforts thus far, particularly as their condition worsens.


Second, note that there are specific estate planning tools that you need to know about, ideally, before putting them in a long-term care facility.

Either way, it’s not too late to learn about your asset protection options.  Don’t let their Alzheimer’s or dementia treatment and care make you go broke and thus without options for your own care.


Let us help educate you on your best options—you deserve the best advice after giving your loved one the best care all of these years.


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